Quad Bike, Buggy & Sandboarding Safety Rules and Indemnity

SAFETY RULES to help ensure that you have a safe and wonderful desert experience.

  • Please wear protective gear provided while driving the Quads and Buggys.
  • Always follow the leader’s instructions & track and do not choose your own.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue the safari if the above rules are not followed and if we feel your safety and that of others is compromised.
  • The cost of any damage caused to the Quad Bike / Buggy will be the responsibility of the driver.
  • Quads/ Buggy will be handed over in running condition and without damage, they should be returned in the same condition.


I agree to abide by the rules of Sand Trax. I agree that I will undertake Quad Biking / Buggy / Sand Boarding or any other activities at my own risk and that SAND TRAX and its employees shall not be held responsible for any loss or injury I sustain or cause. I am not suffering from any physical complaint or ailment, which may jeopardize my safety or well being while taking part in such activities. I agree that I will be responsible for any damage caused to the Quad Bike / Buggy due to my negligence and not following the above rules. I understand there is NO INSURANCE cover for any personal injury and I shall pay for any damages caused. If under 18 yrs old signature Parent/Guardian.

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